In Minnesota we like to say "that's differnt".  It's TRUE!  Just ask Satch!

These times aren't easy for anyone right now and they are for SURE not the same.  With the pandemic we ended our Spring Membership Drive early to continue to keep you updated on news and bring you great music and community connection with a skeleton crew of staff. Without volunteers on-air or answering phones, our pledge drive isn't quite the same, but the need is still there,  now more than ever!  Yes, it's an overused phrase, but seriously, it's true.  We need you!

Where do you listen to KAXE or KBXE? This week we're collecting photos of radios from across northern Minnesota. Show us your radio or take a radio-bombed selfie. Do you listen online? in the car? to a stereo? on a tabletop or desktop unit? Send your radio photo to and we'll share it right here in our photo gallery. If you aren't a member yet, take some time to join Northern Community Radio.

Spring Member Drive

Mar 11, 2017

If you listen to public radio (which if you're reading this, probably highly likely), you know the dreaded pledge drive...I remember in listening to public radio in other places, and I would change the station until the drive was over (don't judge too harshly, I was already a member!).

Last week we talked with one of our members (you know the drill:  we pulled up a chair to one of our member's kitchen tables and we got to know them a little bit better) from north of Nashwauk. 

I knew it would be fun when I saw the look on John Bauer's face when he heard the word "kefir".  Kim was so much fun, we talked about the bionic woman, sign language interpreting, and Kim's band Hobo Revival

Our largest source of funding is our listeners, people like YOU, who become members. 

It's almost the end of 2016 and this Friday we will bring you the Flash Drive Marathon.