Do you find your social media feed inundated with politics and news stories that don't sit right in your gut?  Do you see and hear falsehoods and misinformation about politically divisive issues?

We live in a different world with a whole new media and information landscape.  Bob Garfield's new book American Manifesto will wake you up, will make you think and is his new manifesto.  Here's his bio from his webpage:

This week we put together a program to learn more about some of the recent rumors and controversy surrounding refugee resettlement in northern MN.  That got us thinking ahead to election 2020 and how we as citizens can spot false information designed to stir up communities.

Chuck talks about how the fake news DOES apply to those of us who live in rural areas....because media doesn't come from small towns, it comes from large urban areas.  So the news that we see on TV, read in papers and listen to on the radio, isn't news from where we live.  Sometimes it feels fake. 

Gregg Aamot /

Thank you to MinnPost and Gregg Aamot who wrote this great story about KAXE/KBXE.  Read the Full Story from MinnPost.

Sarah Smarsh CreditPaul Andrews

I was knocked out by Sarah Smarsh's new book "Heartland:  A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Broke in the Richest Country on Earth".  It woke me up to the fact that most of what is written about women, written about being rural, is coming from white men.  Sarah doesn't shy away from the fact that she is white, and what that means to her growing up.  But she looks at things like what the term white trash implies.  What being a teenage mother does to a woman in a rural area.  One of my favorite parts of our conversation was at the end wh