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Kayla Aubid Gallery Director at the MacRostie Art Center

Apr 18, 2020

Kayla Aubid, gallery director at the MacRostie Art Center joins Heidi and John on the Friday Morning Show.  Kayla gives a call to people of all ages and artistic abilities to submit art work for the virtual exhibit "together apart" opening in May. John tells us about his hand painted vintage carnival game board he plans to submit.

The exhibit will highlight new works made during the COVID-19 pandemic or related to the physical and social distancing experienced during this time.  Digital submissions are due April 25th.

The Reif Center and the MacRostie Art Center connected with ICTV to make  First Friday happen despite  people's inability to visit the galleries.  Everyone is invited to watch a first ever virtual First Friday celebration in Grand Rapids.  You can find it on ICTV Facebook and Youtube channels as well as Mediacom 2 & 7 and Paul Buny

Serenity Barden

On the first Friday of every month we connect with Katie Marshall from the MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids. She lets us know about the First Friday events, new exhibits and music around Grand Rapids.  March is National Youth Art Month and that will be celebrated around Grand Rapids.

Every First Friday we connect with Katie Marshall from the MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids to find out what's new in the arts scene around town and what celebratory things are happening for the First Friday Arts Celebration.  The MacRostie Art Center has been getting a facelife for the past month.  Click on the link to find out what changes have been made and what is happening around Grand Rapids tonight! 

Marlena Myles is one of few Dakota women creating digital art.  Her work highlights indigenous culture with aesthetic appeal and educational opportunities.  In addition to gallery showings,  her many projects include illustrations for the books Kikta Wo/Kikta Ye!

Kayla Aubid is educator and arts administrator concentrating on contemporary Indigenous art, culture, and community agency.  She is a Blandin Foundation trustee, a commissioner on the Grand Rapids Arts and Culture Commission and the Gallery Director at MacRostie Art Center.  She’s joined us to  tell us about events for Indigenous Peoples' Day AND the Land Acknowledgement at the MacRostie Art Center. 

Our friends Nana Boozhoo and Natasha teach us the Ojibwe word we don't want to hear.  WII ZOOGIPON.  It will snow.

It's bound to happen.  It's northern Minnesota. 

You can meet the Ojibwe puppets and their creator this Wednesday October 16th at the MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids for their mid-month artist talk from 6-7pm.

MacRostie Art Center

Every first Friday of the month, we check in with Katie Marshall, the Executive Director of the MacRostie Art Center.  She filled us in on the first Friday events in Grand Rapids this past Friday.  She also shared some of the many happenings coinciding with the Rural Arts and Culture Summit that happened this past weekend in Grand Rapids.  People from 26 states converged on Grand Rapids for the event which delved into so many aspects of art - from marketing for artists to the economic importance of the arts in rural communities

MacRostie Art Center


MacRostie Art Center is pleased to announce in its September series of Artist Talks an evening with Minnesota poets Louis Jenkins and Connie Wanek.

The September Artist Talk is co-sponsored by Northern Community Radio, and the evening will also feature readings by KAXE/KBXE poets Steve Downing and Robert Jevne.

Katie Marshall of the MacRostie Art Center breaks down the first Friday events in Grand Rapids for us on the first Friday of every month.  So much going on!! This coming weekend is the big Downtown Arts Fair in Grand Rapids, so make sure to check it out!  New shows are up all around Grand Rapids and of course in the MacRostie Art Center.  Get out and enjoy all of it!