Local Stories

Local Paramedic Simon Gretton

Apr 10, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic only essential workers are staying on the job.  On the extra hour of the Thursday Morning Show, Heidi Holtan talks with local paramedic Simon Gretton.  Simon talks about what it's  like to be on the front lines and of the importance of community response in these trying times.

We continue to gather the stories of the people who live in northern Minnesota.  On our extra hour of the Morning Show we hear from callers and local people.  Aaron Jordan Peterson, like so many people, lost his job in a restaurant this week.

Each weekday morning now we're adding an hour to our Morning Show - opening up our phone lines and reading stories submitted by listeners about life now with the new norm. 

None of us have experienced this before, but if we keep connected - through radio or online media or calling/texting/facetiming friends and neighbors, it'll be a little easier.  What are you doing to stay sane?  Job loss?  Tell us your stories. 

School has just begin or will start next week in northern Minnesota and John Bauer and I took the time to thank some of the teachers that meant the most to us.  We had a chance to talk with the husband-wife duo from Brainerd that had a huge impact on my growing up there - Andre and Marilyn LaMourea.  They were mentioned in the Brainerd paper for retiring 20 years ago...

Family photo by: 3 Month Sun Photography, Sarah Warner

We talked with Phil Hermel last Monday about his quest to raise money for cancer support in Itasca County.  He aimed high and hoped to raise $15,000.  He knew he would lose some toenails, but he didn't expect to raise  over $34,000 to help families in need. 

Check out his article in Lake Time magazine, and listen to our conversation!


Deer River High School English teacher Phil Hermel joined us today to tell us about his epic quest to raise local funds for local folks struggling with cancer.  You can get behind Phil's 100 mile-24 hour rollerblade for Cancer Aid on his Go Fund Me page