Local Government

Have you ever wondered what the State Auditor does?  Us too!  Here's the mission of the office:

The mission of the Office of the State Auditor is to oversee local government finances for Minnesota taxpayers by helping to ensure financial integrity and accountability in local governmental financial activities.

MN Dept. of Health

MinnPost data reporter Greta Kaul talked with Heidi Holtan on All Things Considered about the numbers of refugees coming into the state of Minnesota, where they come from and which counties don't and won't have resettlements of refugees coming in, but may still be voting due to the executive order of President Trump in September. 


Marshall Helmberger reports the highlights from The Timberjay newspaper serving NE MN on Friday mornings.  Today we talked about the TowerGate, Frontier Communications and Moose populations. 

Bemidji Pioneer

Last Sunday the Star Tribune had a headline "'Bemidji First' candidates, organizer fined over campaign violations".  Robert Saxton was mentioned in that article, as one of the citizens who filed a complaint to the MN Campaign Finance Board.  Tune in here for our conversation:

Strong Tasha

May 31, 2018

We continue our series with strong women in northern MN with Grand Rapids Council member Tasha Connelly.  She tells us what led her to run for office and a couple of important issues facing the city of Grand Rapids. 

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