Local Foods

Kent Montgomery joins Heidi and John on the Thursday Morning Show to talk about his experiences collecting sap to make maple syrup.  He tells us this year hasn’t been the greatest year for collecting but not the worst either.  Kent talks about the time and energy that goes into producing syrup with about 30 to 35 gallons of sap per one gallon of syrup.  He describes the importance of friends and family gathering together to converse and enjoy one another’s company while watching the sap boil.

Megan Sugden

Cheri Reese and Michael Swanson returned to northern Minnesota roots to create Far North Spirits, the country's most remote distillery (acccording to Smithsonian Magazine). Growing and distilling their own grains is a full-time operation which includes pourings in the middle of a wheat field near Hallock, Minnesota. 

Maggie Montgomery and Brett Carter talked with Cheri recently on the Wednesday Morning Show. Hear the whole conversation by clicking below.


If you walk into any grocery store or convenience store these days the dairy aisle is filled with alternatives to milk - in large part due to allergies and lactose intolerance. 

Large dairy companies like Borden and Dean's are declaring bankruptcy as less and less people are buying traditional milk.

Boggs family

Over a year ago KAXE received email from Amanda Roach, explaining that her mom, Peggy Boggs, was both a farmer and one of Northern Minnesota's Strong Women.

Peggy Boggs grew up in Chicago but fell in love with farming when she moved north to the Spring Lake area many years ago. Like most farmers, Peggy is super busy. It took us months to find a time when we could talk and share her story. She spoke with Northern Community Radio's Maggie Montgomery.

Maggie: Tell me about your farm up in Spring Lake.

Leah Lemm

Leah Lemm talks  with David Manuel and Michael VanHorn, both work with the Gitigaanike/Red Lake Local Foods Initiative.

The foods initiative is a few years old, but they already have multiple land plots to farm and garden, they distribute seeds to community members, and they partner with other groups to bring local food practices to more and more people.


  "Steinman shows us we can confront the power of food retailser and create an inclusive, health promoting, and sustainable food system" Rod MacRae, Asssociate Professor York University. 

Upstream Homebrewers

According to Charlie Parson, the history of Upstream Homebrewers goes back several years. “The club started in Grand Rapids with a rising tide of brewers, and then that tide ebbed and some laggards from Bemidji decided that they would re-do it over here, so they started one in Bemidji called the Boreal Brewers. After about 20 years, I suppose, that flagged a bit and it restarted in Grand Rapids.


This week on the Border News Roundup editor Marshall Helmberger fills us in on the condominium project in Tower, the gloomy and colder than usual temperatures this year, and peak color observations. 


Once a year NCROC opens its doors to visitors to find out about all their research and work.  This year includes things like a Bog Boardwalk Tour, Wild Rice Paddies Tour, Cattle Research, Pollinator Studies, Community Gardens and a whole lot more.  It's free to the public and fun for all ages - including Farmer Ed's Petting Zoo.  Boreal Brewers will have free brew samples, Culver's will provide samples of custard and Duke Skorich BBQ will be selling food. 


This week Marshall gives us some of the stories from The Timberjay newspaper including Wild Rice Sulfate standards in the MN Legislature, the Orr Center, Ely's city silver maple tree tapping and the strong start at the Pike River Hatchery.