Local Food

Are you interested in gathering natural wild rice from Minnesota’s lakes and rivers? Annette Dray Drewes is Clean Water Watershed Specialist for the MN DNR. She visited Northern Community Radio’s Morning Show and shared some advice for beginning ricers:

The garden season in northern Minnesota is short but oh-so-sweet! Friends and members of Northern Community Radio have shared photos of their gardens with us: veggies, flowers, art, and a glimpse of the personality of the gardener! We're adding photos as we receive them and time permits. You can send garden photos to add to this slide show to comments@kaxe.org. Enjoy!


This week Northern Voices producer Leah Lemm visits Virginia, MN to speak with the Rutabaga Project Manager, Kelsey Gantzer. We'll find out about the various initiatives that The Rutabaga Project is developing.

A northern Minnesota winter can be hard on apple trees. In my case, when the snow melted it revealed that two of our trees were completely “girdled” and a third was partially eaten. Girdling kills trees. It means that something (vole? rabbit?) had gnawed off the bark around the entire trunk of two trees in a swath about 2” wide.