Local Food

M. Montgomery/Baker Creek Seed Company

The Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Catalog is the world’s largest, containing 1200-1800 varieties. For gardeners in snowy, cold northern Minnesota, January is a good time to dream about springtime and things that grow. That huge Baker Creek catalog is full of tasty, familiar, weird, and fascinating plants.

Jessy Goble

Jessy Goble believes in the power of food co-ops to do good things in communities. Jessy is the new Outreach Coordinator for the Free Range Food Co-op in Grand Rapids. Free Range is in its organizing phase (“We’re at stage 2-B,” says Jessy). The co-op plans to open a physical store when all the organizing steps are completed, to assure that the store is sustainable.

This week KAXE/KBXE Cheese Queen Mackenzie Lindahl officially declared 2019 the Year of the Cheese Ball!

Mackenzie loves cheese. That fact and many years’ experience as a cheese buyer and local cheese aficionado is why she is the Cheese Queen.

To announce and celebrate this pronouncement, her majesty brought a homemade cheese ball to the KBXE studio, made of four of Harmony Food Co-op’s most popular-selling cheeses. The tasty, light greenish-blue ball included:

Mychal Stittsworth is owner and CEO of Stittsworth Meats in Bemidji. What began as a family-operated meat market in Nymore has grown and changed substantially under Mychal’s leadership. In the KAXE/KBXE Local Food interview below, we discovered that many of the changes in the Stittsworth business model reflect broader changes in the meat industry—in markets, on farms, in schools, and at grocery stores. Mychal Stittsworth grew up in the business and also trained as an engineer.

Grant Frashier

Cowhorn Crossing Pumpkin Patch near Grand Rapids held a pumpkin bakeoff and Close to Home host Grant Frashier was there.