Local Food

Clayhill Farm and Forest

Harry and Judy Worm are the owners of Clayhill Farm and Forest near Brainerd. Right now Harry is busy hauling sap and making maple syrup, while Judy is taking care of calves and getting ready to try out new ways of teaching agriculture classes - remotely - at Brainerd High School. Harry and Judy covered a lot of ground when they talked with Dan Houg and Katie Carter on the Wednesday Morning Show. Clayhill Farm has been in Judy’s family since the ‘50s.

Bars and restaurants have taken a real hit with social distancing and sheltering at home.  Laying off employees and drastic changes are hard realities.  Fastfood joints continue their drive thru services, but sitdown restaurants are reshaping their realities.  Many provide take out meals and are doing special things like free food for kids or delivering food to emergency rooms.   We connected with Sarah Shaw from Sage on Laurel in Brainerd to find out how things are going for her restaurant and the people she employs.  

Farmers in Minnesota and around the country are struggling. Especially for small farmers, issues like severe weather, globalization, low commodity prices, and trade wars have made it hard to make a living. One bright spot may come from new methods of sustainable farming that strengthen soil health. These new methods allow multiple uses for the same acreage, strengthen resiliency against severe weather, and lower the number of “inputs” (such as fertilizer) needed to grow a robust crop.

Growers and farmers from around northern Minnesota are invited to a free meeting at Central Lakes College in Brainerd on February 25th to find out about the potential of growing a new crop: hazelnuts. These are not the hazelnuts that lots of us find growing wild in our forests and fields. These are brand new hybrids that can be grown as a cash crop.


On Friday in Grand Rapids there will be a free screening of the documentary film "Food for Change" created by Steve Alves, it's a history of food coops.  Screening is at 6pm at the Free Range Food Coop offices at Old Central School in Grand Rapids.