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"I think it's got a broader range than just Virginia...The primary economic impact is going to be downtown Virginia.  When we have the whole faciltiy up and running, it's going to be several million dollars of economic impact annually with ticket sales and artwork sales and workshops and everybody that comes to those things will stop and eat or stop in on some of the small stores in town, get gas...that money will all be in Virginia or the quad-cities area." - Mary McReynolds on the impact the renovated Lyric Center for the Arts

"It was interesting to think about moving back home, because ... when you're from a small town and you go off to college, you always say, 'i'm never going back, I'm going on to bigger cities'... But, it's nice to come back to what you're comfortable with...Virginia is now pushing towards a stronger arts community...You can see things building up and I wanted to be part of the build up." - Amber Johnson 

“The only constant is the change… The state of Minnesota just built Minnesota’s tallest highway bridge.  This bridge is an amazing thing to walk on… You can walk across the Rouchleau pit and you can look across and see the old strata in the walls and it’s very cool... in the winter, during the snow storm you can walk out there and it’s just so calm and peaceful, in the spring you can hear the water trickling down the sides of the mine pit.

“We had a pet bear that lived in Nevis at the Pur-Oil station… Growing up here was wonderful.  I had the best this country ever had to offer…We’ve had the best of it, and we still do. ” – Gary Wolff, Nevis, MN

Bigfork, MN is a remote, naturally beautiful community in northern Minnesota.  With the Bigfork River running right through this small town that is surrounded by lakes, the remote area is a natural vacation destination for people looking to spend time at their family cabin, camp in a state park, fish, kayak, and truly get away from stresses of modern life.  In a surprise twist, this little community is also a prime location to take in some high caliber art and theater.   Bigfork, with a population of less than 500,  also boasts a state of the art medical facility equipped with modern optio