Let's Visit

"We landed there by default.  We were lost...we thought we were lost, til we got to the Debs Store....all of the sudden we were just at this cute little general store. I don't even know if Debs had a sign there then...We just loved it from the minute we got in the store...and we said, 'is there any property for sale around here?

"Basically, country life, in general, forces you or enables you to interact with the people around you, regardlessof who they are.  So you are not really picking or choosing your neighbors or your friends, so much as they are just your neighbors and so you're all in this together. You share your lives of your families and the community, so it fosters that idea of community...there's not a red and a blue...we've had different living opportunities since then, but I've never felt that sense of community that I did during those years. "  John Henningsgaard reminiscing about Debs, MN

"the idea came to me of putting the sound and light and aroma together...I coined the term aromatic omnivision which is a harmonic synergy of sound, light and aroma capable of leading the mind thru archetypical states of consciousness by tuning brain wave frequencies...what we've really wanted to do...is create an environment that encourages epiphanies...  This is kind of representation of aromatic omnivision, this whole Terrapin Station experience." - Brian Skinness.

"This year has been that dream team.  They talk about dream teams of sporting teams and this was a year with a dream team of a robotics team.  Absolutely everybody on the team has stepped up and gone above and beyond and it's just great." - Olaf Netteburg

The Virginia Historical Society is the place to go for Virginia history.  Tucker Nelson took time to chat and educate us on Virginia history and some famous folks who called Virignia home.  In this segment of Let's Visit, Tucker tell us about famous Virginians Cleto Burnetii and Robert Mondavi.