Let's Visit

Kelliher School serves nearly 300 students in kindergarten thru twelfth grade.  It’s a small school with a huge personality.  In this segment of Let’s Visit, discover some of the magic happening in Kelliher School- an active robotics team, classroom cattle, hydroponic gardening, community projects to make the world healthier and safer, and a fabrication lab that fuses art class with shop class turning kids’ design dreams into reality.  The innovative, often student-driven learning experiences cultivated at Kelliher School are inspiring. 

 ...if we can't find what we want, we'll just do it ourselves. And we've done this for years...all of our products have really unique features that you won't see in other places. And there's kind of a story behind each piece about what what we were looking for and we couldn't find... - Rose Heim discussing the winter women's wear line she designs and manufactures with her daughter Gretchen, Heim-Made

I enjoy it so much, I feel like it's almost another chapter in my life as I'm getting older... I remember being a younger person thinking... 'gee. I'm just kind of bored.'... I can't be bored when I'm always thinking, 'well, gee, maybe I should pick up my brushes and start working on a new painting'...it's just a really good hobby that's become very good for me. - Rosie Gray on her hobby of painting

Let's Visit is Northern Community Radio's opportunity to take a closer look at one of the areas in northern Minnesota.  We recently visited Walker, MN.  Rosie Gray has been a member of the Leech Lake Art League for the past 15 years.  She spoke with Katie Carter about the art league and how it's affected her life.  

As a kid, Erin Haefele spent every summer in Walker, MN.  She loved it.  And as she started a family of her own, she realized she wanted her own children, too,  to experience Walker and all it has to offer. So she did what many a mom with a mission does...she planned for and embarked on said mission.  

Debs Parade Facebook Page

Debs, MN is beloved by those who live in and around it. With a population of three and being around a half an hour drive from pretty much everywhere, the area can feel a little remote to someone visiting for the first time.  Locals love the area, their distance from other communities and the life Debs offers.  In this segment of Let's Visit, John Simmons, Kathy Winger, Leola Helgeson, Darlene Skerick and Diane Schwanz talk about Debs, its famous Fourth of July Parade that goes around the parad route twice, the good old days of dancing in the street and much more.