Leah Lemm

Northern Voices: Moccasins with Michelle

Apr 7, 2020

Join Leah Lemm for Northern Voices.   She talks with Duluth artist Michelle Defoe about what makes the tradition of moccasin-making full of lessons, culture, and heart.

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Northern Voices: Lutefisk Dinner

Mar 30, 2020

Leah Lemm joins the Lutefisk Guy, Bill Bauman, to talk about the annual Lutefisk Dinner, a tradition that many look forward to for many reasons, and all for the benefit of the community.

 Leah Lemm heads to Hackensack to talk to a family that is cooking up traditional Thai food.  This story is made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and the Citizens of MN. 

Leah Lemm

From producer Leah Lemm on this week's Northern Voices:  Celebrating Ties to MN's Northland:

Marco Good went out on his own many years ago to live more simply and to learn the old logging style using horses. He’s done a lot, and now he passes along the knowledge he’s learned. We’ll hear a little about his journey into logging but also reflections on what he’s learned.


This week Northern Voices producer Leah Lemm visits Virginia, MN to speak with the Rutabaga Project Manager, Kelsey Gantzer. We'll find out about the various initiatives that The Rutabaga Project is developing.