Klockow Brewing Company

Our local forest bat population is being decimated to near extinction by white nose syndrome.  The northern long eared bat, once common in MN forests, is now on the endangered species list.  Bats are major predators for flying insect pests that attack our forests and us. 

Grant Frashier

Klockow Brewing Company in Grand Rapids hosts a wide variety of events.  Grant Frashier talks with owners Andy and Tasha Klockow.  

Grant Frashier

A new improv comedy group has started in Grand Rapids.  Grant Frashier talks with Jessi Siiter of Self IMPROVment.  


Sylvia Allen was our guest today.  Among many things she is putting on the Harvest Moon Brew Fest in Aitkin on Saturday September 8th.  She also told us about the building she bought to restore - the historic Butler's Building in downtown Aitkin