The Mardi Gras Indian tradition and culture go back about 250 years in New Orleans; a culture derived from men of color wanting to celebrate the Mardi Gras holiday, but weren't able to participate in the time due to racism. Instead, they created elaborate, eye-catching suits that represented and payed tribute to the Native Americans around New Orleans that helped Blacks escape slavery, and offer them shelter.

Our newest album of the week covers old school and 2021 soul, jazz, hip hop and more. Jon Batiste is out to be a representation to the world that genres don't exist - it's just simply music. Releasing his first album at the tender age of 17, We Are is Batiste's 8th release, but he calls it his first true album as it fully covers who he is as a musician.

Listening to our Album of the Week, Peace in Trouble, you might get the feeling that you have somehow time-traveled to the 1930s and are walking into a speakeasywhile taking a drag off a really long cigarette. But alas, you're here, in the whole new world that is 2021, likely without that long cigarette. Sunday Wilde has consistently proved the ability to make you feel like you're in another time. Her sound is fully retro, while not venturing into kitschy territory. 

The latest Album of the Week comes from Australian multi-instrumentalist, Tash Sultana; their second album is out now, Terra Firma, released on Tash's own label, Lonely Lands Records.

Throughout our newest album of the week, you'll hear flamenco-like guitar, medieval-country, yodeling, witches, spooky and sweet, a taste of Broadway with a side of quirkiness. You ready? The latest from the band Tele Novella, Merlynn Belle, has a little something for everyone.

Joshua Henry is likely recognized on the streets of New York City for reasons other than the release of this EP. Henry gained notorioty for playing Aaron Burr in the wildly successful play Hamilton on Broadway, and will be starring in Lin-Manuel Miranda's directorial film debut, Tick Tick...Boom!.

Our album of the week is Nocturne by David Walters, a French singer/songwriter, producer and DJ.

​Many bands are making the best of our pandemic situation by offering ticketed virtual events. Starting this Thursday, check out Trampled by Turtles new virtal series, Trampled by Thursdays. 

Every week on KAXE/KBXE, we dig into a new release as our Album of the Week. Sometimes we hear from a musician we all know and love, sometimes it's an album I think will challenge our beliefs about what a genre sounds like (or maybe just challenging in general!), sometimes it's a release so great that every single track should be heard, and sometimes, like this week, it's an introduction to a new musician.

One of the founder of The Pines, David Huckfelt, is out with a solo album Stranger Angels. If you've listened to The Pines, or heard the new album, you know the beautiful works from this man. Joined by many of his great musical friends, the album covers the natural world, love, and the human connection.