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Education Opportunities on the Thursday Morning Show

Jun 22, 2020

Lots of changes in the world – as K-12 students and college students just finished up distance learning during COVID-19.

Central Lakes College in Brainerd and Staples announced this week they will open their campuses with a tuition freeze– safely – for the fall.  They will still continue to offer distance and other kinds of learning to keep students, faculty and staff safe.

Area Voices: Arrowhead Regional Arts Council

May 1, 2020

Drew Digby, Executive Director of the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, joins John and Heidi on the Thursday Morning Show.  They talk about how artists and organizations across the state and the country are effected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Drew gives us information on the virtual town hall meeteings that are being held with representatives from cultural and arts organizers, artists and creative workers from all over Minnesota.

Our Early Bird Fishing Guide, Jeff Sundin, says on good authority, the Minnesota fishing opener, without a doubt, will happen! 

Hear the whole conversation here.

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Our Early Bird fishing guide Jeff Sundin is joined by Alaskan fishing guide Keith Holtan on the Thursday Morning Show.  They talk with John and Heidi about the possibilities of social distancing while fishing, the availability of bait, and they share recipes and cooking tips for preparing fish.  Most importantly in these trying times, they talk about the therapeutic aspects of being out fishing.

New York Times

Once in a great while there's a wheezy, whiskey-laugh, shaking the church pew kind of moment on KAXE/KBXE.  John Bauer just got back from a trip to Denmark and he clearly hasn't slept enough yet.  What's Heidi's excuse?