John Latimer

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Each Tuesday our resident phenologist John Latimer looks back on the phenology notes he's kept for more than thirty years and compares them to what is happening currently.  Click the link to hear what John noticed back in 1984 as well as what he's noticed this week.  

Tune in each day during the KAXE Morning Show and in the evening during  All Things Considered to hear John's daily phenology notes.  

Last week was crazy cold for this time of year.  We heard from two classrooms full of bright, observant students and also from a crew of listeners across northern Minnesota.  Thanks to all of you for sharing your observations!  

If you are a teacher or know a teacher who would love to get his/her students involved in our phenology program, get in touch with us!  Our phenologist John Latimer loves to visit classrooms and get kids engaged in noticing the natural world around them.  You can email John at

John Swartz via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Group

Living in the north woods of Minnesota, it's hard to turn to turn a blind eye to the power of the natural world surrounding us.  That said, documenting the subtle changes in the natural world each day is a practice not many take part in.  Our resident phenologist John Latimer has been keeping phenology journals each day for 30+ years.  He's documented the subtle and not so subtle changes in the biological world that he notices day after day.  He shares his historical notes each day in a series we call Daily Phenology Notes.

Bob Conzemius

Dr. Bob Conzemius is our Big Weather Picture guy.  Tuesday mornings he and John Latimer do a deep dive into weather.  Have a burning weather question?  Email us

    Tuesday mornings are special around Northern Community Radio... Tuesdays, we take a closer look at the natural world we live in.   John Latimer has spent 33 documenting the phenological changes he notices each day.  Tuesday mornings we hear John's weekly report.  We also hear from students and regular people across our listening area as they share the subtle and not so subtle seasonal changes they are witnessing.  We would love to hear what you are noticing!


John Latimer helped with the tracking of loon trl_14.  There's a cool interactive map you can watch where this guy has been in the last few years. 

Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter at #kaxemorning and #phenology. 

And send us what you are seeing!  As the kids from Two Harbors would say "keep observing"! 

Tammy Bobrowsky

Tuesday mornings are special around here. We hear phenology from students and listeners from all across northern MN.  We also get the special treat of the weekly phenology report from our favorite nature reporter John Latimer.  For 33 years John Latimer has been documenting the subtle and not so subtle changes in the environment on The Phenology Show.

Dallas Clell Hudson, KAXE/KBXE Season Watch Page on FB

Tuesdays mornings are special around here.  We hear the voices of students and our favorite KAXE/KBXE reporter, John Latimer.  For 33 years John Latimer has been noting the changes in his environment on the *Phenology Show.  A great way to find out more is to join our Season Watch page on facebook.  Post photos ask questions, learn something new everyday!

Karen Smilanich Oothoudt‎

Lots of changes happening around us.  Today's Talkbacks came from the following classrooms:

  • Mr. Adams - 4th Grade at Northern Elementary in Bemidji
  • Mr. Linders - 5th Grade at RJE Middle School in Grand Rapids
  • Mrs. Teigte Class from near Two Harbors
  • Mr. Holmes - 5th Grade Roosevelt Elementary in Virginia

We also heard from our friend Ed Dallas in Deerwood.

To share your nature notes check out the KAXE/KBXE Season Watch Page on facebook or call 218-999-9876.