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Ames Davis Informs Us About Wolves on the Tuesday Morning Show

Jan 6, 2021

John Latimer and Heidi Holtan welcome John’s grandnephew Ames Davis to the Tuesday Morning Show to talk about wolves.  Ames is a 15-year-old ninth grader from St.

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Phenology is the rhythmic biological nature of events as they relate to climate.  Each week, resident phenologist John Latimer closely assesses the subtle changes happening outside and gives a full, official phenology report.  This week, John tells us to be on the look out for migrating geese, the vibrant burgandy of the downy arrowwood, magpies and much more.   Listen to find out how this year compares to John's 30+ years of data collection!

Scott Newstok is a KAXE/KBXE member from Memphis, Tennessee who spends his summers in northern MN.  He's also a  professor of English and founding director of the Pearce Shakespeare Endowment at Rhodes College.  A parent and an award-winning teacher, he is the author of Quoting Death in Early Modern England and the editor of several other books.

John Latimer had the chance for an extended conversation with the ebulliant Megan Benage.  She's a regional biologist who specializes in prairies and grasslands.  You can check out the Prairie Pod Podcast here. 

And check out the Recreation Compass from the DNR's website that Megan mentions.

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John Latimer stopped in via phone during the Extra Hour of the Morning Show on Friday to talk about maple leaves, pussywillow flowers, emerging critters and more. Hear his conversation by clicking below.

Listen weekday mornings at 9:00 for the Extra Hour of the Morning Show and hear John's full phenology report on Tuesdays at about 7:30.  

Tuesdays, John Latimer welcomes his friend Harry Hutchins to the studio (or by phone during a pandemic) for A Talk on the Wild Side. Lots of talk about  Barred Owls kept things interesting this time. Hear the whole conversation by clicking below.

Heidi spoke with John Latimer today about butterflies!  It's just about that time of year and some folks are reporting seeing them already!  In this segment John discusses subtle differences between various species and gets us generally jazzed about more butterflies to come!  

Tune in tomorrow during the morning show for more of John and one of our favorite things, The Phenology Show!

What are you noticing outside? Send an email and let us know!

On our extra hour of the Morning Show John Bauer talks with John Latimer about getting out to enjoy nature and taking in the evergreens at this time of year.

Schools are closed, kids are home and parents need a break. Physical distancing is good for keeping us away from Covid-19, but it's also a little boring and most of us are left looking for positive things to fill our days. 

KAXE/KBXE Staff Phenologist John Latimer recommends getting outside! Each day we are checking in with John about cool things to do outdoors - for kids, adults, everyone! It's Phenology at Home.

Today he told us how to make a "sit spot."

This week, a daily conversation with John Latimer became part of the Morning Show at 9:30.

"Go outside," is the recommendation from Staff Phenologist John Latimer. John suggested some common plants to look for in spring, including Speckled Alders, Hazelbrush, Red Elderberry, and Fly Honeysuckle

Today John offered up a twig experiment for parents and kids to do together during this time when kids are at home every day. It involves observation and documentation in a fun and interesting way for phenologists young and old. See the worksheets below for help in observing.