John Latimer

Steve Patterson Morning Glow 12/22/19 at Lake Bemidji

Nature Conservancy

Forest Ecologist, John Almendinger, tells us how the landscape of the Pineland Sands region of north central Minnesota has changed over thousands of years.

John Latimer heard from Phil from Michigan who had a story of caterpillar - a saddleback - that had hairs with chemicals that caused skin irritation.  Turns out there's lots of things caterpillars can do - listen to the conversation with Jim Sogaard - he's the author of Moths and Caterpillars of the Northwoods, a staple in John Latimer's library!

Phenology Show!

Jun 19, 2019
Angela Nistler via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page


Phenology is the biological nature of events as they relate to climate.  Each week John Latimer takes a close look at the blooms and changes happening in nature and considers how the timing measures up to past years.  We were thrilled to hear from August in Shevlin this week as well as kids attending the Mesaba Co-op Kids Camp!  Ed Dallas returned from a getaway and had lots of observations and of course John Latimer takes us in-depth on the blooms and happenings in the woods this week! 

Ian from Minnepolis

  Phenology is the biological nature of events as they relate to climate.  Every Tuesday morning, our resident Phenologist John Latimer gathers his phenological data and reports his findings in the weekly Phenology Report.

As always, we love to hear what our listeners are noticing out in nature.  Give us a call at 218.999.9876 and let us know what is happening around your place.  You can also send an email directly to John.  Either way, we want to hear from you!