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Janis Lane-Ewart has dedicated her life to cultural activism and community service. Late last year Janis was honored with a prestigious Sally Award. The Sallys are named for Sally Ordway Irvine, and they celebrate individuals and institutions that strengthen and enrich Minnesota with their commitment to the arts and arts education. Janis received the award for Commitment.

“I owe a lot to jazz…I was really shut down emotionally and I couldn’t really express myself or feel anything hardly.  A cousin of mine came from Laguna Beach, California…when he opened up his suitcase, he said, here’s a present for ya…he handed me two Louis Armstrong albums.  Those records changed my life.  I felt so excited and for the first time in my life I could emote and really let my feelings out and from then on, I just kept following jazz…it opened a door to a whole world for me.” –Anthony Swann  

Connie Evingson called in to CenterStage Minnesota to talk about returning to Hibbing for the Great Northern Radio Show on Nov. 17th. Hear our conversation, and then get your tickets to the show. 

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Live Music

Feb 17, 2017

Our latest CenterStage MN Concert was last night, (featuring a northern Minnesotan for the first time in the series!) with Sam Miltich & Charmin Michelle. I had the opportunity to sit next to a man, probably in his late 80s/early 90s. This dude was feeling the music, being transported in time; I couldn't help but share in his love.

For the next in our CenterStage Concert series, we welcome hometown gypsy jazz hero, Sam Miltich, who will be joined by Charmin Michelle (vocals), Matthew Miltich (bass), Evan Price (violin) & Jay Epstein (drums). It continues the series on the third Thursday of the month, February 16th at 7:30pm in the 200-seat Mary Ives Studio at The Reif Center.

Tickets are available here.

Sam Miltich stopped by the KAXE studios in Grand Rapids, MN Monday morning to discuss his upcoming concerts.  Proceeds from this Friday's concert at MacRostie Art Center will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SLPC).  Sam tells Heidi why SLPC's mission of fighting hate and bigotry is important to him.   The also discuss the powerful impact the arts have on society.  

Hang on 'til the end of the interview for a sample of Sam's music!