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Maggie Montgomery

Wherever there were Finns there were co-ops…Fins got settled here and they realized that the economic conditions didn’t work in their favor.  They began to go back to what they had learned in Finland about the economic commonwealth…They turned to the co-ops as a means of providing for themselves. Profit was never a motive, it was always about helping each other… What set the Finnish cooperatives apart from everybody else was the fact that they were retail. So they began to form small stores and credit unions and even funeral homes. 

– Pam Brunfelt

Longtime Iron Range leader - Legislator and Commissioner - Tom Rukavina died Monday.  We'll be talking about his lasting impact on the Iron Range this week on the Morning Show, here's the thoughts of Scott Hall who interviewed him many times while he was KAXE's News Director.  Aaron Brown also shares his memories. 

Tune in Friday at 7:20am, Marshall Helmberger from the Timberjay gives us an overview of his impact on the region.

MN's Congressional District 8 is one of the most watched, close-margined in the country.  Check Five Thirty Eight for up to date polling.

Bestselling MN author Sarah Stonich has a new novel out set in northern MN.  She continues the stories of the community of Hatchet Inlet, a fictional town on the Iron Range that is filled with rich characters. 

She'll be at the Virginia Public Library Thursday October 18th for the Booklover's Lunch from 12-1 and at the Brainerd Public Library Monday November 5th at noon. 


This morning we took a tour of northern MN in celebration of National Travel and Tourism Week.  Tourism is a $15 billion dollar industry in MN and generates more than 265,000 jobs - making up for 11% of private sector employment.  Today we visited with the fine folks that work in the tourism industry in northern MN. 

Megan Christenson from Visit Grand Rapids

Tim Johnson from Edge of the Wilderness Lodging Association

Grant Frashier

We visit with Allyse Freeman, Curator of the Minnesota Discovery Center in Chisholm to learn about their new exhibit - Underground, Hostory Beneath Your Feet.  Did dinosaurs once roam Northern Minnesota?

Has the land we live on always been seen as a "resource center" as Aaron Brown puts it?  Where do our thoughts about environmental concerns come from, historically?  Listen to this month's Dig Deep with Chuck Marohn and Aaron Brown

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Each week Timberjay editor Marshall Helmberger tells us about the stories they've been covering.  This week, besides an update on the Bois Forte band, the US Forest Service change in a study on lands where copper nickel mining is proposed, the Ely Winter Festival and gray foxes showing up far more north then they usually do. 

Grant Frashier

The Iron Range Makerspace in Hibbing bringing innovation and opportunity to Minnesotas Iron Range.


We continue talking about programs and ideas that work or could use reform this week on Dig Deep.  In our final on-air conversation (there's a special podcast/online edition coming your way!) we look at the IRRRB. 

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