Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability

Mesabi Outdoor Adventures will be hosting a winter camping preparation training at the Minnesota Discovery Center Thursday January 30th followed by a group trip February 1st.  Grant Frashier talked with Bret Alexander to learn more.


Should a pasty always contain rutabaga? Marlise Riffel says "Yes!" but qualifies that this is just her opinion. Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability is making 800 pasties for their First Annual Iron Range Pasty Festival on October 5th. Most pasties are a combination of meat and veggies wrapped in a pastry crust, although other types exist.

What does restoration agriculture look like for those of us who live in USDA Zone 3? According to Mark Shepard, founder of New Forest Farm and keynote speaker at this year’s Iron Range Earth Fest, we should look in our ditches. “What it would look like in USDA Zone 3 is a lot like the brush on the side of the road, except it would be a lot more consciously chosen; a lot more intentionally designed.

Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability

A new report released by the Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability shows that the potential economic impact of local food in the region is great.

Rutabaga Project

There are probably few places on the planet where the name "rutabaga" really resonates, but according to Rutabaga Project volunteer Marlise Riffel, Minnesota's Iron Range is one of them.