iron range history

This week Marshall gives us the news from NE MN including surprises in NE MN's Super Tuesday presidential primary votes, documenting the role of iron ore and MN's Iron Range on WWII, as well as the boycotting by area leaders of Fortune Bay Resort Casino.  The Timberjay editorialized on this:

This morning we welcomed newly retired judge Mark Munger into our studios to talk about his new novel Kotimaa:  Homeland coming out on October 1st.  Looking at the cover of the book you might be like me and assume it's historical fiction.  It is.  But it's also tied to right now.  Immigration weaves it all together - from Finnish immigrants moving to the Iron Range for work to an American doctor in contemporary times working with Syrian refugees in Finland. 

Grant Frashier

Host Grant Frashier talked with Oscar Forsman about the Park and it's recent listing on the National Register of Historic Places.