Iron Range

Grant Frashier

Host Grant Frashier attended the open housr at the Natural Resources Research Institute in Coleraine Jane Brenamen and Director Kevin Kangas.

Mona Abel is a cookbook author, recipe diva, former go-go dancer and self appointed mayor of Side Lake, MN.  She's got a new cookbook out and it, and Mona, are a hoot! 

Grant Frashier

Host Grant Frashier talked with Oscar Forsman about the Park and it's recent listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Grant Frashier

Close to Home went on a tour of Hill Annex Mine State Park in Calument.

This week Timberjay editor Marshall Helmberger broke the story that questions the IRRR's hiring of Joe Radinovich for a non-political position. 

Marshall Helmberger