In Klecko's new book "Hitman-Baker-Casketmaker:  Aftermath of an American's Clash with ICE" he reminds us to pay attention.  Pay attention to the people in our world that make things happen.  Your home ec teacher.  The people who clean your hotel room.  The people who bake your hot dog bun at the Superbowl. 

These people matter to our daily lives.  Klecko tells a personal story of his life and the aftermath of an ICE raid at St. Agnes Bakery right before the Super Bowl in Minneapolis.

This morning we welcomed newly retired judge Mark Munger into our studios to talk about his new novel Kotimaa:  Homeland coming out on October 1st.  Looking at the cover of the book you might be like me and assume it's historical fiction.  It is.  But it's also tied to right now.  Immigration weaves it all together - from Finnish immigrants moving to the Iron Range for work to an American doctor in contemporary times working with Syrian refugees in Finland.

The Grand Rapids Human Rights Commission continues their conversation on immigration with #unitecloud - a nonprofit in Grand Rapids that began as a social media movement to resolve tensions and restore dignity to all people in the St. Cloud area.

We are seeing headlines in news that have to do with immigration and asylum in the United States.  there is a nonprofit in Minneapolis that works in Minnesota, the nation and the world.  On Friday they put out a response that denounced The President’s  Proclamation to block asylum in the US.  Advocates for Human Rights said:

Chuck Marohn and Aaron Brown continue the conversation on the politics of Congressional District 8.  This time they unpack the topic of immigration.  What are the strategies for the candidates when it comes to the immigration debate?  How is the overall philosophy on immigration between parties differ?  Chuck Marohn gives us an analysis of Republican candidate P