Headwaters School of Music & the Arts

The Bemidji Sings! competition happens Thursday, August 6th at 7pm.  We spoke with Headwaters Music and Arts executive director Tricia Andrews about how the contest is happening virtually this year.  Everyone is welcome to hop on the Headwaters YouTube channel to watch the big event unfold!  Tricia also discussed upcoming events at Headwaters including a jam band camp and a special event Saturday, August 22nd that allows kids and families to learn more about what the school offers and get signed up for classes and activities. 

Headwaters School of Music and Arts planned a story slam that happened last night at Keg 'n' Cork in downtown Bemidji.

It's the first Friday of the month and that means we check in with the arts scenes across the listening area.

Wendy Greenberg has been contra dancing most of her life.  It's an art form she learned from her folk dancing parents and something she's sought out and thoroughly enjoyed throughout her adult life. Greenberg received a grant through the Region 2 Arts Council to share contra dance with the Bemidji area via a dance series she orchestrated...