Harlow-Kleven Gallery

...that's what art gives us, a better world...Artists, they create works either to document history... or they're a reflection of society and human nature, and it's always been a big part of art in terms of either history or creating stories with a moral in order to give things for people to think about in life - in terms of where we are as a society and how we want to interact with one another... Laura Goliaszewski, Gallery Director, Talley & Harlow/Kleven Galleries.


Show Me A Story, the current exhibit at The Harlow/Kleven Gallery within the Watermark Art Center, inspires curiosity by inviting the viewer to engage thoughtfully with each work.   Laura Goliaszewski curated the show.  In this Area Voices segment she discusses the cultural relevance of art, the current and upcoming exhibits, and how experiencing art allows people to more deeply experience themselves and more meaningfully move through the world.



As gallery director of both the Talley Gallery at Bemidji State University(BSU) and the Harlow-Kleven Gallery inside the Watermark Art Center, Laura Goliaszewski's day job has her steeped in fine art.   In addition to her gallery director responsibilities, Goliaszewski also maintains the permanent art collections at BSU.  In this Area Voices segment she discusses her job, how art elevates the human condition, the current exhibits at both galleries and the similarities between art and science.  Click on the interview to hear all about it!