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Kent Scheer

Kent Scheer and his wife Vicki Chepulis live in a beautiful spot that they share with their community: “The Green Island is on the very north edge of the city of Wadena. The novelty of it is that it’s 60 acres of previous dairy farm actually within the city limits of our town.

Kathy Connell remembers the first seeds she ever planted. It was a handful of corn intended as feed for pigeons. "I fell in love with the magic," she says. "I felt like Jack and the Beanstalk. I could not believe that that a corn seed I had put in the ground became an 8' tall green plant. It started something that has never failed to enthrall me with the miracle of it; that a seed--a tiny lettuce seed--becomes a head of lettuce."

Fresh Energy

Our high energy lifestyles and high-speed, high-tech 21st century economy still rely, in great part, on 19th century fuels - coal, oil and natural gas.  While we still have abundant sources of those fuels, they aren't renewable and require vast infrastructures of pipelines, power lines, ships, rain and trucks to deliver, refine and distribute.  We hear about clean energy, but is it working in our state? 

Raising Chickens

Jan 25, 2017

The Stromberg family of Pine River, Minnesota, has been in the bird business since 1921. Laura and Eric Stromberg will lead a workshop on "The Basics of Keeping Chickens" at the Back to Basics workshop in the Pine River/Backus School on Feb. 11. Laura and Eric talked with Morningshow hosts Brett Carter and Katie Carter about the workshop and the fun of raising chickens. 

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