Governor Tim Walz

A statewide conversation with Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan.  It is a time for all of us to learn about the State of Minnesota's response to this COVID-19 pandemic.   

Local Teacher Shannon Fitch on the Friday Morning Show

Aug 3, 2020

Shannon Fitch is a teacher for the Grand Rapids School District, she joins Heidi and John on the Friday Morning Show to talk about the Governors recently announced guidelines for schools to reopen in the fall.  Shannon talks about the plans the district is working on to keep the students safe, how she is looking forward the upcoming school year, and she shares her hopes that more people will take this on as an opportunity to learn to adapt to change and throw out the negativity.

A statewide conversation with Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz.  It’s your opportunity to ask questions about Minnesota’s response and plans during this COVID-19 pandemic.   

This week the Governor answered questions about the recently announced guidelines for schools to reopen in the fall and more!

Heidi Holtan

A special session of the 2020 MN Legislature is not a surprise – due in large part to a bonding bill that did not get passed and also the unusual circumstances of COVID-19.  But now, with the killing of George Floyd a new agenda for special session by Democrats has emerged.  Minn Post Reporter Walker Orenstein talked with us this morning on KAXE/KBXE. 

Peter Callaghan from Minnpost

This week Walker Orenstein joined us to talk about unemployment insurance.  His latest article is "What Workers Need To Know About Unemployment Benefits During the COVID-19 Emergency". 

Gov. Tim Walz signed an executive order on Monday to tweak Minnesota’s unemployment insurance program in an effort to help people struggling with the closure of schools and businesses because of the novel coronavirus.

Peter Callaghan from MinnPost

MN's House, Senate and Governor's office are in a stalemate when it comes to their proposed spending budget.  The Democratic House proposed spending is $49.8 billion, Democratic Governor Tim Walz is $49.35 billion and the Republican Senate is proposing $47.7 billion.  On Monday a compromise was offered by the House of a reduction of $640 million, Governor Walz came down $200 million and the Senate did not change the proposed spending budget.  They did offer to search for an additional $200 million in the health and human services budget to put towards education.  House Speaker Melissa Hortm

Governor Walz was back with us on Making Sausage on the Thursday Morning Show on KAXE/KBXE.

We checked in with House Minority Leader Tom Bakk today about this year's session and the Governor's State of the State address.

Watch Governor Tim Walz State of the State address here. 

MN Senate

On Making Sausage this morning DFL commentator Colleen Nardone joined me to talk with MN Senate Minority leader Tom Bakk (DFL-Cook) to talk about the confirmation process of Governor Walz's appointments, education and health care. 

Peter Callaghan from MinnPost

Minn Post state government reporter Peter Callaghan was our guest this morning - he's been covering the start of the MN Legislative Session and told us about the gun legislation being proposed and how the parties feel about it, recent press conferences including the bipartisan MN response to partial federal government shutdown - as well as information on the four MN Republican House members