Get Outside

We caught up with our Early Bird Fishing Guide Jeff Sundin this morning!  According to MN Governor Tim Walz's website, FISHING is specifically listed as one of the permissible activities during the stay at home order, so find some bait - many bait shops will still be open for business tomorrow - and get out fishing... at least six feet from your buddies of course.  

Frannie Tjader

Canoeing has long been part of the culture in northern Minnesota and continues to attract paddlers young and old. With summer just around the corner enthusiasts are looking forward to their next adventure on the water.   In  this segment of Area Voices we speak with Harvey Tjader from the Headwaters Canoe Club.  The club kicks off their season of Tuesday night cruises April 24th at Knutson Dam with Jack Gustafson hosting the paddle.

Karen Oothoudt via KAXE/KBXE Season Watch Facebook Page

Click on the link for today's full Phenology Report!  Also included this week is important information about  upcoming one day Master Naturalist Workshop that will prepare teachers and others to be phenological guides and get kids jazzed about observing the natural world around them.   

Angela Nistler via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Group

    Every day is special at Northern Community Radio. Tuesdays are special because we get to hear from our listeners about what they are noticing in the natural world.  Every Tuesday morning on the Phenology Show, resident phenologist John Latimer shares comments, observations and questions about the natural world that come from our listeners. 

Susan Hutchins via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page

Each week John Latimer takes a closer look at the changes in the natural world as they relate to climate.  This week's report includes the story behind this picture of a goshawk  flying off with a frozen grouse in its clench, a perplexing garter snake siting, white tail deer, pileated woodpeckers, mosquito eggs and more.  Click on the link to hear all the details!  

Long Lake Conservation Center


Phenology is the rhythmic biological events of nature as they relate to climate.  Each week, individuals and school groups call or write to our resident phenologist John Latimer with their observations.  Have you seen something peculiar going on outside?  We'd love to hear about it!  Leave a voice mail on our talkback line 218.999.9876, email or email john directly at