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Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old boy, walking to the store to get skittles and a bottle of juice for his sister in the rain.  He put his hoodie up, and that signaled to George Zimmerman he might be armed.  Trayvon was not.  Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch patrolling the townhouse community when he came upon the unarmed young man.  He shot and killed Trayvon, who had no criminal record.  President Barack Obama said "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”

I had the pleasure of a visit to Deer River High School last week to hear about the preparations and the meaning behind this Saturday's Picking Roses Round Dance and Fashion Show.  Everyone is invited and welcome.

Keith Recker was our guest recently and we were fascinated by his new book and talking about COLOR!  Who knew it could be so interesting?  His book is "True Colors:  World Masters of Natural Dyes and Pigment". 

"I have a lot of friends and family members who are two spirit and it really hurts me when they have issues about being bullied and so I'm here to support my two spirit relatives in being who they are." - Delina White

This Friday November 1st is the I Am Anishinaabe Fashion Show at the Black Bear Casino in Carlton, MN.  Doors open at 4pm, show is at 5:30 and this alcohol-free event is free and open to the public.  It also includes music by Mel Hunt and the Red Fever Band as well as comedian and Rez Reporter Rob Fairbanks.