Erika Bailey-Johnson

...we know that pollinators are really important to ecosystem health. They not only keep up the plants in our local community in lots of different ways by moving around to the flowers, but they also pollinate...when we go into grocery story, the produce section wouldn't be possible without pollinators... pollinators are the ones that make that happen. - Erika Bailey-Johnson

...the first language speakers are the ones that are elderly and they're passing on to the next world, so it's a  scary time for a lot of a lot of tribal nations to try to scramble to figure out what to do. So there's a lot of amazing work going on right now in language revitalization. You'll see it more and more in schools. - Erika Bailey-Johnson

Erika Bailey-Johnson was recently appointed to Governor Dayton's Committee on Pollinator Protection. In this interview, she explains what the committee will do, speaks to the status of pollinators in Minnesota, and reveals how she was appointed. Erika is Sustainability Director at Bemidji State University. Besides protecting pollinators she has worked toward sustainability with students for many years. Students are launching a "fossil fuel-free fish house" this year and are engaged in learning skills to live sustainably.