Today we talked with Hollis Emery - Program Director & Youth & Individual Placement Programs with Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa.  She told us about the opportunites for 18-25 year olds as well as students age 15-18. 


Earlier this week we talked about the overabundance of plastic bags in the world.  Barb Veit and Pat Helmberger are experts when it comes to plastic bags - they've been working for years to get people to reuse cloth bags.  They came in to talk about the current legislation that would lift the ban on cities banning plastic bags on their own. 

From the House of Representatives site:


Rep. Dale Lueck was recently appointed the minority lead of the MN House Environment and Natural Resources Policy Division and he joined us on All Things Considered to tell us more. 

December 18, 2018  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Lueck gains post on environment and natural resources committee

United States House of Representatives

In this podcast only edition of Dig Deep for February Aaron and Chuck get into the nuts and bolts and the fascinating, now wide-open race for MN District 8.  Send us your feedback

Read Aaron Brown's interview with Congressman Rick Nolan about his decision to not seek reelection

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Heidi Holtan

This episode further explores the ideas related to the environment of northern Minnesota and jobs and the economy. Specifically climate change.  Take a listen to our liberal commentator Aaron Brown and our conservative Chuck Marohn

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