Ely Folk School

Every first Friday of the month we connect with Betty First from the Ely Folk School.  She fills us in on the upcoming classes and happenings at the folk school.  Blacksmithing, jewelry making, needle felting, and even spinning are some of the classes offered in October

TigerLion Arts, a professional theater group based in Minneapolis will bring Nature: A Walking Play to both Puposky and Ely this month.  The production takes audiences on a walking adventure through the meadows of northern Minnesota while showcasing the friendship between transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.  The experience

We check in with Betty Firth from the Ely Folk School every First Friday to find out what will be happening during the month.  From Chaga mushroom classes to beading to a walking theater production, there is a ton to get involved in this month in Ely! 

The Ely Folk School is home to a variety of classes from jewelry making to blacksmithing.  On the first Friday of every month, Betty Firth tells us all about what activities will be happening that month at the folk school.  Herbal infused oils, skin treatments, pine basket weaving and so much more are included in the offerings this month! Click here for a full schedule.  If you know of someone who is a blacksmith, they are looking to connect with a blacksmith to advance their blacksmithing classes as well. 

Every first Friday of the month, we connect wtih Betty Firth from the Ely Folk School. She tell us all about the amazing classes and events happening at the folk school throughout the month!  After talking with her we're all salivating and wishing we knew how to make apple strudel!  Other offerings at the folk school this month include potica making, creating diamond willow walking sticks, pine needle basketry, forest bathing and much more! Check out the Ely Folk School website for a full listing.