Elections 2020

We continue the conversation on Dig Deep with liberal Aaron Brown and conservative Chuck Marohn.  This time, the state of Minnesota when it comes to race, politics and the pandemic. 

Rob Ecklund is a DFL representative of MN House District 3A. He lives in International Falls and he talked with News and Public Affairs Director Heidi Holtan about being a veteran.

  Paul Thissen grew up in Bloomington MN he graduated from Harvard University and then earned his law degree from the University of Chicago Law School.

In his public life Paul Thissen served in the Minnesota House of Representatives for 16 years and served as Speaker of the Minnesota House from 2013 to 2015 – he also ran for MN Governor in 2010 and 2018.


This week we put together a program to learn more about some of the recent rumors and controversy surrounding refugee resettlement in northern MN.  That got us thinking ahead to election 2020 and how we as citizens can spot false information designed to stir up communities.



The MN Presidential Primary is Tuesday March 3rd.  It is the first presidential primary in our state in three decades and comes out of the chaos at the MN caucuses in 2016.

In 2020 we will continue our coverage of elections and politics and government as it affects northern MN. 

The final podcast-only edition is here of Dig Deep for September as we drill down to money in politics and lobbying, etc.  Aaron Brown is our liberal commentator and Chuck Marohn is our conservative - send us your thoughts! 

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We continue on looking at 2020 elections with conservative Chuck Marohn and liberal Aaron Brown on Dig Deep. 

We look this time at how candidates are picked and the inside baseball of the presidential elections.

Is there an issue that you vote on for president?  Let us know!

More from our Dig Deep commentators Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn on how the system works - how elections 2020 are at this moment - how the primaries and early campaigning actually work. 

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MN House DFL via MinnPost

We talked to Peter Callaghan this week - he covers state government for MinnPost.  He recently had an article that looked into the politics of legalizing recreational marijuana - especially as it relates to MN's DFL party. From his article: