This week on our Statewide Conversation about COVID-19 Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan answered questions about food insecurity, school openings, unemployment insurance, masking and the economy. 

This program is a joint project with AMPERS - Diverse Radio for Minnesota's Communities and the MN Broadcasters Association. 

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2020 is an extraordinary year, especially for local high school seniors.  They are experiencing something no one has gone through before:  celebrating and honoring their education in a world of social distancing.  Do you know a graduating senior?  We'd love to talk with them!  Email us. 

On our extended hour of the Morning Show Heidi talks with Annie Olson-Reiners, Principal at the Nashwauk-Keewatin Elementary School.  Annie gives encouragement to parents and cargivers who are now thrust into the roll of being the teacher in these trying times.  She also shares Shel Silverstein's poem "Helping" with us.

We're checking in with teachers and administrators and the hardworking folks on the frontline of the pandemic of COVID-19 in Minnesota.  John Zemke teaches MN History at Forestview Middle School - he told us about some resources now offered through the MN History Center for students and how they are preparing for next week's move to distant learning. 

On weekday mornings we have added an additional hour to our Morning Show to bring you stories and connections to this new way of living with the pandemic of COVID-19.  Today John Bauer talked with Grand Rapids High School senior Emma Johnson.  The next few months will be very different than she expected. 

Let us know how you are doing and how you are keeping your kids and self healthy and sane in these times.  Email us!

As we continue our conversations with the people on the front lines of COVID-19 we had a chance to talk with Susie Loeffler today.  She teaches 4th grade at Deer River Elementary. 

Our heartfelt thanks to all health care workers, those in education and so many more making this difficult time we are all living through better and safe. 

Please stay home if you can and wash, wash and wash your hands.

All this week and into the days and weeks ahead we are working hard to bring you local conversations about preparing for and living with the pandemic COVID-19.  Schools are closed and leaders are scrambling to find a new normal in a not-normal time. 

In an executive order Governor Tim Walz called off schools until March 27th.  That is most likely NOT the date they will reopen, it's the date when schools need to have their plans in place for long-term distance learning. 

Cari Ebert is a nationally recognized pediatric speech-language pathologist, an early intervention specialist,  apaxia specialist, an autism mom, a public speaker, and an author.

I refer to our colleges and universities as "dream merchants"...they are the doors of hope and opportunity for all Minnesotans, no matter what race and ethnicity, no matter what socioeconomic status, no matter what area, location or community they belong.  - MN State Chancellor Devinder Malhotra

Chancellor Devinder Malhotra

In Minnesota we have a serious shortage of people with skills to work in certain areas of our economy.  The shortage of workers is most critical in advanced manufacturing, agriculture, health care services, information technology, early childhood education, and transportation.

In 2017, the MN legislature put up a million dollars for a pilot program that offered workforce development scholarships of 25 hundred dollars to attract students into these careers.