Economics of northern MN

Karen White of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation joins Heidi on our extended hour of the Wednesday Morning show.  Karen talks about the large geographical area that the foundation serves and how they can help these communities and their businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.  They are especially focused on food insecurity and homelessness as well as child care and assisting with small business.  Check out their resource page tha

Crosby, Duluth and other places around the world have all had success with "bikenomics" creating recreation trails that not only create a great, healthy exercise option but add to the economic success of the region. 

Executive Director of Visit Grand Rapids Megan Christianson was back with us today to talk about the impact of tourism on our local communities. 

For instance in Itasca County's gross sales from Minnesota's leisure industry was over $75 million dollars.  Crow Wing over $233 million, Beltrami over $102 million and Hubbard over $36 million. 

She also reminded us that there are lots of things to do in neighboring towns - trails, restaurants, events, lakes, fish - all pretty close to home. 

Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability

A new report released by the Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability shows that the potential economic impact of local food in the region is great.

Minnesota Brown's Aaron Brown and Strong Town's Chuck Marohn finish off our conversation on class today.   


In this final installment they talk about class and how it affects urban vs. rural people and how class affected the Trump effect in the last presidential election.   Here are some of the books mentioned in this month's Dig Deep:

Once a month we gather together Minnesota Brown's Aaron Brown and Strong Town's Chuck Marohn.  They have lots in common including their choice to work and raise their families in their hometowns on the Iron Range and in Brainerd....but they come from different philosophical backgrounds - Aaron is liberal, Chuck is conservative.