Domestic Violence

Mandie Alto, executive director of Advocates for Family Peace, joins Heidi Holtan on the Morning Show.  They talk about the services available to help people in situations of domestic violence during this time of social distancing. 

When you tune into KAXE/KBXE you hear the voices and the stories of our communities in northern Minnesota.  Sometimes those stories aren't easy to tell, but that doesn't mean we should tell them.

We worked with Advocates for Family Peace in the past to hear the real stories of people who have lived with domestic violence, people who have had the strength to tell their stories  so that others will understand. 

If you are in a crisis situation call 1-800-909-8336.

Domestic Violence affects millions – women, children and men.  Domestic violence effects people of every race, religion, sexual and gender orientation and economic status.

There’s a stereotype that domestic violence is ONLY black eyes and physical violence….it’s also yelling, humiliation, stalking, manipulation, coercion, threats and isolation.  Stealing a paycheck, constant texting and so many other methods are used to control others.

This morning we welcomed in Grand Rapids Deputy Mike Partlow and Advocates for Family Peace's Mandie Alto to talk about awareness for domestic violence in northern Minnesota. 

Catch up on our series from the past, Invisible by Design.... conversations with and about domestic violence survivors. 

Tonight at 5pm in Bemidji, Rail River Folk School hosts Jeremy Nevilles-Sorell who will facilitate Ending Violence: What Men Can Do. Nevilles-Sorell is the Training and Resource Director for Mending the Sacred Hoop, a non-profit dedicated to improving lives of native people by disrupting cycles of violence in the native community and working to end violence against women and children.

New Horizons, CT

On the Thursday morning show we welcomed Holly Christensen and John Downing from Advocates for Family Peace to have a conversation about domestic violence.  Advocates for Family Peace serves women and children and also works with men in the intervention program for men and fathers. One of the men in the group, Chris, came in to tell his story.