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Lots of folks are bringing up the idea of socialism.  Get the 2nd installment from conservative Chuck Marohn and liberal Aaron Brown on Dig Deep!

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Is it naive to think that compromise could ever happen?  Is there a way out of the current stalemate with the partial government shutdown.  When Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn were in to record this podcast only conversation we made guesses on when the shutdown might end - keep in mind it was January 8th. 

In this final on-air conversation about compromise Chuck and Aaron lead us to right and why compromise sometimes seems impossible, especially when it comes to government. 

Dig Deep is our conversation between a liberal and a conservative, who model for all of us how to listen to each other, and try to understand each other.  It's available as a podcast here. 

We continued the conversation today with Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn on Dig Deep on compromise.  This time, they start with the Missouri Compromise.

We began our week with Dig Deep:  our liberal commentator Aaron Brown and conservative Chuck Marohn and the idea of compromise.  Tune in Wednesday at 8:10am for more of the conversation. 


Chuck talks about how the fake news DOES apply to those of us who live in rural areas....because media doesn't come from small towns, it comes from large urban areas.  So the news that we see on TV, read in papers and listen to on the radio, isn't news from where we live.  Sometimes it feels fake. 

Hear the continuation of this Dig Deep conversation examining the rural-urban divide with conservative commentator Chuck Marohn and liberal Aaron Brown

This time Aaron and Chuck dig deeper - looking at the 2018 elections and how it impacted rural and urban areas and the policies that will come from this change in leadership. 

What does it mean to be rural?  What do urban people think rural means?  These are the questions our conservative commentator Chuck Marohn and liberal Aaron Brown tackle in our next series of Dig Deep....

Listen in to this extra, podcast-only edition of Dig Deep they look at Kavanaugh Hearings.  We pair conservative Chuck Marohn and liberal Aaron Brown.  Aaron says "what do you think went wrong there?". 

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