Deer River

As we continue our conversations with the people on the front lines of COVID-19 we had a chance to talk with Susie Loeffler today.  She teaches 4th grade at Deer River Elementary. 

Our heartfelt thanks to all health care workers, those in education and so many more making this difficult time we are all living through better and safe. 

Please stay home if you can and wash, wash and wash your hands.

All this week and into the days and weeks ahead we are working hard to bring you local conversations about preparing for and living with the pandemic COVID-19.  Schools are closed and leaders are scrambling to find a new normal in a not-normal time. 

In an executive order Governor Tim Walz called off schools until March 27th.  That is most likely NOT the date they will reopen, it's the date when schools need to have their plans in place for long-term distance learning. 

I had the pleasure of a visit to Deer River High School last week to hear about the preparations and the meaning behind this Saturday's Picking Roses Round Dance and Fashion Show.  Everyone is invited and welcome.

Itasca Community College provost Bart Johnson was back with us today - to introcduce us to Jenny Tyler and Neesha Moore, students at Deer River High School who particapated in Education Career Pathways.  They spent last fall learning what the career of teacher was like, and spending time student teaching. 

Grant Frashier

Host Grant Frashier talks with Jen McFadden of Jen's Wreaths of Deer River, Minnesota during their busiest season.

Family photo by: 3 Month Sun Photography, Sarah Warner

We talked with Phil Hermel last Monday about his quest to raise money for cancer support in Itasca County.  He aimed high and hoped to raise $15,000.  He knew he would lose some toenails, but he didn't expect to raise  over $34,000 to help families in need. 

Check out his article in Lake Time magazine, and listen to our conversation!

Deer River High School English teacher Phil Hermel joined us today to tell us about his epic quest to raise local funds for local folks struggling with cancer.  You can get behind Phil's 100 mile-24 hour rollerblade for Cancer Aid on his Go Fund Me page