How are all your homemade meals treating you?  Feel like trying something new?  Like Sauerkraut Soup or Beet Pickled Deviled Eggs with Hot Mustard Dust?  We talked with Amy Thielen this week to get some meal inspiration.

Amy Thielen is a cook and a 2x James Beard Award-winning writer.  Her books are  The New Midwestern Table and Give a Girl a Knife (A Memoir).

Mona Abel is a cookbook author, recipe diva, former go-go dancer and self appointed mayor of Side Lake, MN.  She's got a new cookbook out and it, and Mona, are a hoot!

Julia Turshen was back with us on KAXE/KBXE - last time we talked about her cookbook "Small Victories" and this time she's delving into leftovers and tips and recipes for home cooks.

ALISON ROMAN is a cook, writer and author of "Dining In,"  She talked with Heidi Holtan and John Bauer on the Thursday Morning Show.

  Mark Bridge lives in Park Rapids.  He's a musician, a historian, a history re-enactor, a chef and a revivalist of recipes from days long gone by.   We spoke on the morning show about his experience as a historical re-enactor and about an exciting project he's embarked on with the National Park Service.  He's been commissioned to re-create recipes written by Mrs. Augusta Kohrs, wife of a Montana cattle king and hostess on a ranch that spanned more than one million acres.