Cook MN

"The Felt Here pop up is really... asking how the places we live connect to our family histories, the histories of industry and work in a community, and then also the stories that we tell about who we are and how that relates to the future that we imagine for the places we live....One of the things that I try to do with these art projects is really just create an environment where people can visit.

On Making Sausage Thursday mornings we talk about the messy business of politics.  This week DFL commentator Colleen Nardone was in - and we talked insulin prices with Senate Minority Leader from Cook - DFLer Tom Bakk.

Today Timberjay editor and publisher Marshall Helmberger told us about the request by U.S.

We checked in with House Minority Leader Tom Bakk today about this year's session and the Governor's State of the State address.

Watch Governor Tim Walz State of the State address here. 

Grant Frashier

The Comet Theater in Cook, MN offers an out of this world experience whether you are there for a movie, a great cup of coffee or a unique shopping outing.  Host Grant Frashier talks with owner Carol Carlson.