Community Theater

This morning on our extra hour of the Morning Show we talked with Grand Rapids Players Executive Director Steve Jaeger and Program Coordinator Sharon Marty about their adaptation to their popular summer kids theater camps.

They are holding a virtual, safe, DIY Theater camp... find out how to sign up here!

Welcome to our DIY summer theatre camp!

When you tune into KAXE/KBXE you hear about local arts in the communities of northern MN.

Today in our Strong Women series on KAXE/KBXE we met Ashley Hanson and Joy Dolo.  They are in Grand Rapids this week learning about the town and working with local actors to put together a production at the Reif Center tonight, August 16th at 7pm.  It's the fictionalized story of the ruby slippers getting stolen, and a whole lot more - community identity, loss....

The Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Festival is a celebration organized by Little Black Dress, INK.  Little Black Dress, INK conducts a yearly theatrical writing contest and finalists from that contest are showcased in theater festivals across the country.  Collaborating with local theater groups, the  original works created by women are portrayed onstage, in multiple cities, on the same day.  This Sunday, International Women's Voices Day,

Bemidji Community Theater's production of The Sound of Music opens this Friday and will run both this weekend and next.  Maria, Captain VonTrapp, Marta VonTrapp, Sister Agethe and Sister Sabine chatted about the play, the history behind the story and the benefits of community theater on the morning show this week.