climate change

Paul Douglas is a nationally-respected meteorologist, with 40 years of broadcast television and radio experience.

On February 4th, four people affiliated with the Catholic Workers Movement broke into a site near Blackberry in Itasca County where Enbridge Energy Company operates valves that control the flow of crude oil through pipelines that follow the highway 2 corridor across northern MN.

Andres R. Edwards joined us this morning to talk about his new book Renewal:  How Nature Awakens Our Creativity, Compassion and Joy. 

How are our forests changing and how are forest professionals studying and dealing with climate change in northern MN?  Tune in for Brian Palik, USDA Forest Research Ecologist explains.  He's going to do a public talk on Earth Day at Itasca Community College in Grand Rapids.

Marshall Helmberger Timberjay

This week on the Border News Roundup, we hear about the Tower City Council meeting and the fate of the harbor project and meet Marilyn Turnbull, school cook at Tower-Soudan schhool who is asking for fair pay.  Marshall also talks about the impacts of climate change to northern MN and a recent federal report.