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...the first language speakers are the ones that are elderly and they're passing on to the next world, so it's a  scary time for a lot of a lot of tribal nations to try to scramble to figure out what to do. So there's a lot of amazing work going on right now in language revitalization. You'll see it more and more in schools. - Erika Bailey-Johnson

It’s award season, but we’re not talking Oscars or Golden Globes---even better--we’re talking children’s books! Tracy Kampa is the Children’s Librarian at the Grand Rapids Area Library. She’s going to tell us about the upcoming Caledcott & Newbery Awards, which honor the best in children’s literature & illustration for the year.

What We're Reading, January 2020

Feb 8, 2020

Featuring Megan Angelo’s debut novel Followers; A review of Washington Post reporter and new Minnesota transplant, Christopher Ingram's new book If You Live Here You’d Be Home By Now;  Children’s Librarian Tracy Kampa from the Grand Rapids Area Library will tell us about the Caldecott & Newbery awards for excellence in Children’s literature & Illustration; Chad Dundas has a second novel published --it’s called The Blaze; and New York Times Best selling author Lisa Gardner will tell us about her new psychological thriller When You See Me.

I had the chance to talk with author Brad Meltzer before the launch of his two newest books in the I Am series - this time I Am Marie Curie and I Am Walt Disney. 

He is telling the stories of ordinary people who have changed the world.  Leaders who had lives like ours - with ups and downs, failures and successes and perseverence.  Leaders who were humble. 

Best-selling author Brad Meltzer's mysteries have garnered national attention, accolades and loyal followers for years.  Now that he's ventured into the world of children's books, he's attracting a whole new population of readers.  His series "Ordinary People Change The World" features historical figures who've done incredible things, but Meltzer presents them in ways kids can readily relate to.  True stories from their childhoods shine new light on people

MN author Alison McGhee is up for the MN Book Award for her new picture book for kids, "Tell Me A Tattoo Story".

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