Cate Belleveau

"It was a vibrancy very much like Bemidji.  A vibrancy of art, of spoke word, of theater and music and it was just this gorgeous little town and there were these sculptures on the corner and we thought, this is really cool to have an outdoor gallery lik this where artists are allowed to display the things they think about and work on.  And, you can't avoid it.  You can avoid goinmg into a gallery.  You can't avoid the sculpture walk.  So, it's art on display. Everyboy has an opinion of one way sort of another about it.  And it started to happen.

During our High Five Fund Drive last week, we featured a daily poet laureate.  Friday, Cate Belleveau stopped by KBXE and shared several original poems including the Northern Community Radio themed "May You Dwell in the Land of Kibbix and Kayax" as well as "After Loving You," "Summer Adieu" and "Mr. Potato Head." Click on the link for the mellifluous voice and words! 

All it takes is a spark.  Several years ago, Cate Belleveau agreed to portray Mary Welsh Hemingway in a Beltrami County Historical Society fundraising event.  The experience ignited a curiosity that could not be denied.  Fascinated by her new knowledge of an intelligent, adventurous woman who grew up in logging country and ended up the 4th wife of Ernest Hemingway, over the next few years, Cate committed to researching Mary Welsh Hemingway.  Intrigued, her thirst for knowledge led to investigations into the lives of other significant