MN Governor-elect Tim Walz photo credit Peter Callaghan from MinnPost

Gregg Aamot reports on rural Minnesota for Minn Post.  We talked with Gregg on the Thursday Morning Show about his latest article "Why Greater Minnesota Interests Have High Hopes for the 2019 Legislative Session". 

from Gregg Aamot's article:

Marshall Helmberger is the publisher of the Timberjay newspaper and this week he talked about the continuing story of connecting towns like Orr and Ely to rural broadband and the difficulty with reliable phone service and internet to businesses.

Marshall Helmberger

Every Friday Marshall and I get a chance to talk... this week we continued the conversation about the election of Minnesota's District 8.  Since the talk we've had other's join the race.  But you'll want to hear the WHOLE conversation as Marshall tells us about a new kinds of woodpeckers spotted near his home in Tower.

As of right now, here's who is running for the District 8 Congressional seat:


Last week on Dig Deep we talked infrastructure.  In our final conversation we talked about the modern version of infrastructure Broadband.  Bernadine Joselyn was in the studios to elaborate on Chuck and Aaron's discussion.