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See Census jobs here.

Census 2020 will have significant impacts on local communities in northern MN including political representation, federal funding allocation and community planning for schools and hospitals.

It’s important to the vitality of our communities that every person is counted.

Key to a successful Census are the hired workers who play a variety of roles before and after Census Day (April 1, 2020). These are good paying part-time jobs with benefits.

John Bauer

Program 71: The Early Years of the Blandin Foundation, 1940s

A radio series produced by historian Don Boese.   Don is the author of eight books dealing with local history in Itasca County, including "John C. Greenway and the Opening of the Western Mesabi", and the main source for this series,  "Papermakers: the Blandin Paper Company and Grand Rapids, Minnesota".

The Grand Rapids Human Rights Commission continues their conversation on immigration with #unitecloud - a nonprofit in Grand Rapids that began as a social media movement to resolve tensions and restore dignity to all people in the St. Cloud area.

This Thursday evening at 6:30pm at the Blandin Foundation J. Drake Hamilton,  an expert in climate and energy policies at the state and national levels, will be speaking on the benefits of renewable energies.  It is sponsored by Earth Circle and The Itasca Clean Energy Team.  

J. Drake Hamilton joined us on the Monday Morning Show.

Last week on Dig Deep we talked infrastructure.  In our final conversation we talked about the modern version of infrastructure Broadband.  Bernadine Joselyn was in the studios to elaborate on Chuck and Aaron's discussion.