black musicians

Joshua Henry is likely recognized on the streets of New York City for reasons other than the release of this EP. Henry gained notorioty for playing Aaron Burr in the wildly successful play Hamilton on Broadway, and will be starring in Lin-Manuel Miranda's directorial film debut, Tick Tick...Boom!.

Our album of the week is Nocturne by David Walters, a French singer/songwriter, producer and DJ.

This week's featured Album of the Week is part of a series created by Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, called Jazz is Dead. This series pairs the two musicians with various revered jazz musicians, like Doug Carn. 

Younge is an LA based musician, who often overlaps and blends music from today with sounds of the past. Shaheed Muhammad was a member of A Tribe Called Quest, and helped the group repurpose deep jazz cuts into new hip hop.