For the Birds

Bird Experts on the Extended Hour of the Tuesday Morning Show

Aug 12, 2020

Bird experts John Richardson from Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, Laura Erickson from “For the Birds” and Harry Hutchins retired forest ecologist and longtime host of A Talk on the Wild Side, join John Latimer and Heidi Holtan on the extended hour of the Tuesday Morning Show to talk about birds.  They share what types of birds you can see and hear now and what they are eating.  They give us information on fledgling birds and the migration of many species at this time of year.  We get tips on the types of bin

Laura Erickson joins Heidi Holtan and John Latimer on the Tuesday Morning Show.  They talk about her upcoming Zoom presentations on birding that she will be offering to her listeners and followers through her new Patreon account.  For more information go to

Laura also shares her knowledge of red-eyed vireos, robins, hummingbirds, sandhill cranes and more!

Are you wondering why you are seeing so many hummingbirds lately?  Maybe you want to know how on earth they would band hummingbirds or how many feathers they have.... tune in for our conversation with Laura Erickson the host of For The Birds. 

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Laura Erickson /

Last week we had a question about dwindling numbers of evening grosbeaks.  A listener wondered if it had to do with bird flu.  Harry and John weren't sure of the answer, so we got our friend Laura Erickson to tell us more about evening grosbeaks for A Talk on the Wildside.