submitted by Debbie Warne-Jacobsen

This video is from the Upper Great Lakes Regional Figure Skating Championships in Peoria, IL in October.   We talked with Wren on the Thursday Morning Show.  Check out the Bemidji Pioneer's article about her as well.

Our series on the rapid growth of solar power in Minnesota continues this morning with a look at solar opportunities for people in the Bemidji area.

Maggie Montgomery

The band Dancing Light stopped by the KBXE studio in Bemidji recently to sing a couple songs and tell a few stories. Their long career locally means there was lots to talk about. It was fun to have Greg, Kiki, and Sabbastian on the air live. Hear the whole conversation by clicking below.

University of MN Cloquet Forestry Center

Eli Sagor is an Extension Specialist with the University of Minnesota based at the Cloquet Forestry Center.  Today he reminded us that carbon grows on trees!

Eli will be at the #OnlyInMN monument celebration for Bemidji tomorrow June 27th. 

Mur Gilman is passionate about living an active life and encouraging others to do so, too.  She's helped organize Bemidji's Loop the Lake Festival since its inception more than five years ago.  This Saturday, Loop the Lake organizers expect around 1,000 bicyclists to cruise the 17 miles around Lake Bemidji while enjoying entertainment and snacks along the way.  Mur stopped by the morning show to tell us more about the event.